so I’ve previously put up a poll for which movie you would watch and the winner will get a link to the movie so i checked and there was a lot of votes and i was amazed it was extremely close but there was a winner and it is… THE HUNGER GAMES so here is the link to the movie you have to highlight the link and then put it on Google and then you have to close some pop ups and then you can watch the movie!


All About Me

1. My name  is Josephine

2. I am 10 years old

3. My birthday is on the 3rd of January

4.  I love home and away and Pretty little liars

5. I am the only child in my family

6. I love Ian Harding and Nick Westaway

7. I live in Australia

8. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes

9. I love music

10. I go piano and dancing lessons

11. My favourite movie is the hunger games and pitch perfect

12. My favourite colour is purple

13. My background is Indonesian

14. My favourite book is the  pretty little lairs series

15.  I love craft making

16. I would love to go to America

17. I love YouTube

18. My favourite food is chicken

19. My favourite singer is Taylor Swift

20. My favourite songs are  Acapella and Boomerang